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The Canadian government is committed to ensuring that every individual is supported in their health and well-being. Health support includes: financial well-being, employee assistance services, healthcare benefits and mental health.

Workplace well-being for public servants includes: Mental health, harassment and conflict resolution, occupational health and safety, disability management, duty to accommodate (your right to non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion in the workplace).

It is essential that these areas are addressed to ensure a prosperous working class led by a leading government.

physical and mental health

Family well-being

Mental health


Physical well-being

Receiving care

Every citizen and permanent resident of Canada has the right to a family doctor. Many Canadians have a family doctor they consult whenever they need medical care.

A family doctor provides basic health care, such as treating you when you’re sick or promoting preventive care.

Trouver un medecin de famille

You can also go to a walk-in clinic, where you can usually get a medical consultation without an appointment.

In Canada, health services are confidential. This means that your doctor cannot provide information about your health to others without your permission.

Finding a dentist

Remember that dental care is not covered by free government health insurance. That said, you can take out supplementary insurance to cover dental expenses.

Emergency assistance

If you need emergency medical care, go to the nearest hospital emergency department or call 911.

Calling 911 is free of charge. All hospital emergency medical services are free of charge. Depending on the province or territory, you may be required to pay the ambulance bill.

Ask your doctor if you should wear a medical necklace or bracelet with medical information if you have a serious medical condition, such as :

  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • allergies to medications.

A medical necklace or bracelet provides important medical information that is useful to healthcare professionals in an emergency situation.

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