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Specially dedicated to teachers, Akwaba offers information on the following topics, to facilitate your integration but also to equip you to better face the many challenges in the world of education.

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#BacktoschoolwithAkwaba – Back to School for Teachers

As teachers approach a new school year, many changes have been made as a result of the recent pandemic.

But don’t worry! There are a number of websites and applications that will be of use to primary and secondary school teachers. We’ll also guide you through how you can interact with your students and have a class that engages with their homework.

Virtual or face-to-face, make an impact

Remember, the pandemic isn’t over yet! Masks are still mandated by schools in Ontario. We suggest having extra masks and hand sanitizer in every classroom. It also encourages distancing between students. By limiting the creation of separate spaces for each person and limiting activities that will force students to come into contact with each other.

Check out Kids Help Phone for ways to be l’a for your students during this crisis.


High school (suggestions)

High school students need the most help with their studies, so we suggest that teachers offer them as much advice and attention as possible:

  • Offer a time during the week when you’re free to answer their questions outside the classroom.
  • Have a study group organized by class students.
  • Encourage them to think about their future

For further help and reference, please consult for more information on interviewing high school students.

Learning applications for students :

For teachers who decide to stay online this year, it’s important to communicate and interact well with their students. And a perfect way to do this is to use attractive websites that will motivate them to be active in class and do their homework.

    • Alloprof ( Teaching points and suggested learning strategies)
    • Kahoot (interactive games that challenge the content studied in class in a way that’s fun for students)
    • Google drive (web where the whole class can share their projects or creations, virtual participation center)
  • Class Dojo (interactive networks in which each student has their own icon and accumulates points as they complete a task)

School resource application for teachers:

As a teacher, you’ll need to structure a number of meetings, classes and get-togethers throughout the school year. You need to be able to organize and balance the many tasks you need to complete between the school curriculum. Here are a few popular resources to meet this need:

  • Slack (instant messaging for workers, group chat for teachers)
  • Google classroom
  • Nearpod
  • Planboard

More suggestions are available in the Educational app store.








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