Akwaba Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards pays tribute to the talent of our young people, whether artistic, academic or sporting, and to their commitment to the pursuit of excellence in everything they do. The young winners are role models for the community, a source of pride that we want to highlight by rewarding them to encourage their efforts and, above all, to have a positive impact on other young people!

The young people submit their presentations, and a jury made up of adults and other young people, former winners, selects the year’s winners in each category.

The ceremony to unveil the year’s winners takes place at the end of December! Follow us on social networks @AkwabaCommunity for all upcoming dates.

Submit your application by filling in the online form

The Excellence Awards is a way of preparing young Afro-Canadians for leadership and developing their self-confidence, two skills that are vital to their success at university and in life in general. It’s also a way of fostering community involvement.

Discover the winners of previous editions

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